Classic 200 series Bakelite Telephones

Although this site is mostly about Retro Telephones I believe its still worth mentioning the classic British 200 series Bakelite Telephone. These antique telephones were the first Bakelite Telephones to be used in the UK. These telephones were made of Bakelite and had a separate “Bell Set” that contained the bell. However, this “Bell Set” could be mounted underneath the telephone as shown below and the telephone was then called a “combined set”. These Bakelite telephones are now regarded as extremely desirable iconic Art Deco phones in the UK (they even work on a modern landline telephone point).

Classic 1940's British Bakelite Telephone
Classic 1940’s British Bakelite GPO Telephone

These 200 series telephones were predominantly made in the 1940’s, however they were produced for the GPO between 1929 and 1957. These vintage telephones were produced in the standard black, rare ivory, very rare red and extremely rare jade green.


3 thoughts on “Classic 200 series Bakelite Telephones

  1. These vintage phones are amazing..i have a huge collection of retrophones..i wish to add bakelite telephones into the list…

  2. Hello!
    I’m searching for a photograph of a Bakelite telephone to use as reference for an illustration. This classic 200 series model is perfect, please may I have your permission to use this photo as reference for my illustration. I will be using the final illustration on my contact page of my website. Sarah

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