Retro 706 Phone

The classic British Retro Telephone is the 706 (made in the 1960’s).

Abdy Retro Phones

These classic 1960’s 706 telephones were the first modern Plastic Telephones in the UK to be offered in a range of standard colours, such as ivory, red, green, concord blue, topaz yellow as well as black.

Before these 706 telephones were produced the standard colour for all British telephone was Black, and although ivory, red and green were made they were very rare, less than 1:10,000 of all the Bakelite telephones in use in the UK were coloured rather than the standard black Bakelite.


2 thoughts on “Retro 706 Phone

  1. hi

    My name is Stewart Allen. SOrry to bother, but I visited your interesting site while researching a question for my wife and wondered if you might have any insight to share. Essentially, she has a very small business here near New York in the U.S., and she loves the old BT 706/746 phones and wants to bring them in for her shop. The problem is that you’re not supposed to do this unless you can prove they’re compliant with federal rules called “part68” which sounds very Orwellian but is apparently just a set of standards so the networks don’t get muddled up. We assume they’ve been tested or approved in some way in the last what is it 50 years, but we can’t seem to find anything. It’s a shame, they’re so lovely. Anyhow, if you have any insight or suggestions on who might know something about this any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Again, my apologies for the questions out of the blue. And thanks again



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